Schneider Invest

International Legal and business Consultants for Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia

Schneider Invest is the first western owned and operated legal and business consulting company located in Irkutsk.  We believe that being onsite in Eastern Siberia gives us a different perspective from consulting firms located in Moscow.  We feel that much of Russia's future growth will be intertwined with the growth and development of Asia, and we believe that Irkutsk is ideally located to benefit from this trend.  In order to maximize that benefit, however, we believe that it is imperative that Irkutsk have locally based consulting companies that can provide the sort of help and support that multi-national companies have come to expect. Our goal is to make opening and operating locally based companies as easy as possible for our international clients.  We also hope to help local businesses reach out to foreign investors and buyers, and thus enable Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia to benefit as far as possible from the Asian Century. 

We have a multi-lingual team with a strong range of legal and business experience, gained both locally and abroad. We look forward to being able to help you with your projects in Irkutsk and Siberia.