For Local Clients:

  • Experienced, native English legal drafting for international transactions and joint-ventures
  • Introductions to international business contacts, when appropriate
  • Assistance in negotiations with foreign counter parties
  • Development of pitch books and other materials for corporate marketing and capital raising

International Legal and business Consultants for Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia

Schneider Invest seeks to build bridges between Russian and international companies, with a particular focus on Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia.  We have a combination of local and international knowledge and experience that can help with the establishment of local partnerships and cross border transactions.  We are able to work with our local partners to provide the following services to our local and international clients:

For International Clients:

  • Local company setup
  • Introductions to potential local partners, when appropriate
  • Sourcing and review of local projects for potential investment
  • English, Russian & dual-language legal drafting for cross border transactions
  • Assistance in negotiations with local counter parties
  • Assistance with recruitment and other local needs
  • Local industry and sector analysis

Schneider Invest