International Legal and business Consultants for Irkutsk and Eastern Siberia

Irkutsk Region is at the heart of Eastern Siberia, and is geographically much closer to Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, Seoul and Tokyo than it is to Moscow, but its capital city, Irkutsk, has a very European feel, and has been known as the “Paris of Siberia” since the late 19th century.  The Region is incredibly rich in oil & gas, gold, coal, jade, timber and other natural resources.  It has a wealth of beautiful forests, mountains, wildlife and the world’s largest fresh water lake by volume, as well as a small, but highly educated population, cheap energy provided by three hydro-electric plants, a strong industrial base, several special economic zones, direct access to the Trans-Siberian Railroad, a vast network of rivers, and large tracts of agricultural land which have remained fallow since the collapse of the Soviet Union.  In short, Irkutsk Region is a land of huge potential, only a fraction of which is currently being realized.

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