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Despite its bleak image, Siberia is, in fact, one of the world's last great economic frontiers, a beautiful part of the world with tremendous natural resources, a highly educated work force, and an amazing amount of untapped potential.  Click here to find out more:  About Irkutsk & Siberia

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Our team is dedicated to taking the mystery and confusion out of investing and doing business in Eastern Siberia.  We believe that Irkutsk is a great place to live, and an ideal place to establish your head office in Russia.  In the same time zone as Hong Kong, and only a short flight away from Beijing, Seoul and Ulaanbaatar, Irkutsk is a much easier location from which to do business with Asia than Moscow, not to mention cheaper, easier to get around and closer to weekend escapes to the mountains or Lake Baikal.  We believe that our team can make establishing and operating your company's office in Irkutsk are reality.

We have an experienced team with extensive contacts throughout the region.  With our combination of local experience and global knowledge, we can help make entering the local market and finding local business partners a much easier and more reasonable experience. Practice Areas